We're the world-class team of education specialists, software engineers, support analysts and customer service experts behind GO 4 Schools. If you work in a school or academy trust, our sole purpose is to simplify your life so you can focus on your students and engage the school community at large.

Our product: GO 4 Schools

GO 4 Schools is designed with people in mind. This includes streamlined, online processes for gathering, summarising, and sharing student information. Our platform presents realtime, 360° views and analyses of student performance, behaviour and attendance, all in a clear and accessible format to help teachers and school leaders save time and make more targeted and meaningful decisions. The way we see it, if we can make a positive difference for you, it helps you make a positive difference for your students.

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Our success story

The success of our software speaks for itself:


schools using GO 4 Schools nationally and internationally


Year-on-year growth


more users each year, as GO 4 Schools is rolled out to students and parents


staff, remote working nationally

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