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24 August 2019

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Hyperspheric Solutions Ltd is the company behind the design, development and management of the GO 4 Schools web site - an online system that is revolutionising the way schools work with data.

GO 4 Schools makes it easy for schools to collect subject-specific assessment information online as and when work is marked. We then deliver maximum value from that information by providing real-time statistics to show the progress being made by entire cohorts, by subjects, teaching groups and individual students. Key analyses, such as GCSE pass rates, are provided instantly using live data, making it simple for schools to monitor, on demand, the impact and cost-effectiveness of interventions. Not only that, but GO 4 Schools allows assessment, attendance and behaviour data - and progress reports - to be shared with students and parents too.

The number of schools using the system is doubling roughly every 12 months. Read more about how GO 4 Schools helps schools use data more effectively on the GO 4 Schools web site.

As well as our work on GO 4 Schools, Hyperspheric Solutions Ltd is involved in the development and hosting of applications for third parties such as local authorities, the NHS and the BBC.

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